Nai Harn Baan-Bua aims to create the residential development with continuity in creating the quality and growing value of the property. All About Residence Co., Ltd. is the exclusive Property Management company of Nai Harn Baan-Bua Development with the view to be the main key of a long term gained value on the property to the fullest for both individual property and development.

With the continued growing numbers of individual home owners from the expansion of Nai Harn Baan-Bua Development, there is an on-site office to ensure the rapid response to the home owners which offers a total solution for villa management so that the home owners will have maximum piece of mind whether they are home or away from home.
A wide range of property management services are on offer to fit all residents' requirements, including 24-hour security, common area maintenance and all aspects of residential services and maintenance.

  • Common Area Services
  • Residence Services
  • Villa Assistant Services
  • Letting Services
  • Property Sales/Resale
  • Cleaning of common area and roads
  • Daily removal of household rubbish from the villas
  • Daily gardening and landscaping services to common area
  • Daily safety checks, repairs, and preventive maintenance check to common area facilities and utilities
  • Water supply
  • Common road lighting
  • Fire protection and safety system
  • 24-hour security services and patrolling system
  • Common area insurance
  • Property management financial report

A separate individual in-villa services are provided for the convenience of the home owner.  
This will include the list of services as below:

  • House Cleaning Service
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning Service
  • Garden Care Service
  • Preventive Maintenance Check
  • Access Control Service
  • Payment Service and Monthly Expense Record

All properties require regular maintenance and repairs to keep them to be in good condition. In addition, some villas may be required some modifications to suit the further needs of the home owner. Drawing on the skills of the selected high quality construction team and contractors, we will be able to assist with most tasks.

Services Offered:

  • Building, Design, Renovation
  • Finishing, Interior, Hardscapes
  • Plumbing, Electric, Lighting, Air-conditioning, Glazing
  • Roofing, Flooring, Metalwork, Tiling, Stonework
  • Carpentry, Cabinet Making, Wood Finishing, Painting
  • Landscaping

We offer letting services to home owner who wish to make a substantial income on their investment or just cover the annual costs associated with the ownership of their villa.

Scope of Services:

  • Inclusion on website and other available marketing medias
  • Advise on rental rate and rental supply required
  • Advise the owner on any repairs required to attract the rental clients
  • Client screening and arrangement of client inspection
  • Process on reservation
  • Pre check-in inspection of the villa to ensure rental client's satisfaction
  • Provide full technical support and advice to rental guests
  • Attend to any requests for additional services from the rental clients i.e. baby- sitter, cooker, airport transfer, car rental, tour & excursion trip
  • Handle all rental documentation
  • Securing deposit for damage, utility expenses, and extra expenses
  • Process personal check-in and check-out
  • Damage Check
  • Collecting of rental payment and refunding deposit as applicable
  • Bank into the owner's account for the rental income

We provide the service as property agent to assist our home owner to put their property on the market and get the potential buyers for the best profit on their investment.

Scope of Services:

  • Photography and marketing materials
  • Inclusion on website and other available marketing medias
  • Property inspection
  • Advise on property valuation and legal aspect
  • Advise the owner any villa repairs or maintenance required to ensure attraction on potential buyers
  • Provide house maintenance support on property
  • Client screening and arrangement of client inspection
  • Process on reservation and agreed terms on purchase
  • Handle sales documentation
  • Coordinate on contract arrangement
  • Follow up the deposit and all installments into the home owner's accounts
  • Coordinate on property handover